Consolvo opened Darlings Island Bike Shop on April 19, 1997 and have been open for 17 years as Darlings Island Bike Shop where they sold bicycles, clothing, products and accessories. In 2014, the owners, Becky and Bill, decided they needed a change and moved their business to Parkway Mall after 17 years of business as Darlings Island Bike Shop renaming the store Consolvo Bikes.

These owners are so involved in the biking community. Hosting the annual Bike Swap which allows customers to buy or sell their used bike as well as hosting various races throughout the Saint John and Moncton area such as the Fall Cyclocross Race in Nauwigewauk and the Quispam Cross. Bill and Jim Goguen also volunteer their time and provide mechanical hel pto the MS Ride between Sussex and Saint John, the Corn Hill Bike Festival, and the Back Roads bicycle festival in Apohaqui.

With over 500 bikes on display in the store of various styles, these folks are serious about their bikes! They do it all from full maintenance and service to fitting you to your perfect bicycle.  They also bicycles of all kinds if you wanted to try one out for a couple hours, the day, or even the week! They are open year round to sell and service your bicycles,  xc skiing, snowshoes, and skate sharpening needs.
PHONE: 506-640-0777

Parkway Mall
130A – 212 McAllister Drive
Saint John, NB
E2J 2S5