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*Fuel Injection Service – Regular $159.99 **on for $129.99**

Removes any baked on deposits from combustion chamber. Cleans entire fuel system; fuel lines, injector pump and fuel injectors.
Stabilizes fuel in tank. Think of your fuel injector like a shower head, for it to be most efficient it cannot be clogged.
It needs to be able to spray evenly, an incorrect spray pattern will cause excessive fuel consumption.

Benefits/Overcome Objection
Increase fuel economy, performance and emissions.Eliminates rough idle and hesitations.


A/C Service – $129.99 **15% OFF**

Check entire system for leaks.
Clean and inspect the condenser.
Adjust compressor belt.
Lubricate seals and rings.
Top up refrigerant. An AC tune up will ensure that you have a properly running system that will cool when needed to,
and defrost when needed to.
Think green, ensure your AC is environmentally sound.

Benefits/Overcome Objection
Extends the life of the compressor.
Ensures an environmentally sound and leak-free system.
Eliminates bacteria, mold and mildew.


Service 4 – ***$265.28 on for 15% off***

Tire Rotation,
Replace engine oil and Filter.
Inspect exterior lights.
Inspect tire pressure.
Check coolant, battery, brake and washer fluid levels.
Coolant Drain and Fill
Inspect and lubricate all latches, hinges and locks.
Inspect fuel lines, fuel hoses and connections.
Inspect vapor hose and fuel filler cap.
Replace air cleaner filter.
Inspect all drive belts.
Inspect suspension mounting bolts, steering gear box, linkage and boots/lower arm ball joint.
Inspect power steering pump and hoses and battery terminals.

Also does everything in our Service1, Service 2,Service 3


Wheel Alignment – $89.99 ****on for $69.99****

Inspect wheel alignment and adjust if needed. Having all four wheels checked ensures directional harmony as your vehicle goes down the road.
Ensures dependable control, safety and extends tire life.

Benefits/Overcome Objection
Improved fuel economy and handling.
Increased driving safety.
Reduces tire wear.


Replace Cabin Air Filter – $40.00- $55.00 **on for 15% off**

A cabin air filter is used to clean incoming air from the vehicle’s HVAC system.
It helps trap pollen, bacteria, dust and exhaust gases that may find their way into a vehicle’s ventilation system, making the interior of the vehicle a healthier place.
If neglected, a restricted Cabin Air Filter can impair airflow in the heating and A/C system, possibly causing interior heating and cooling problems.
If you get headaches, allergic reactions or breathing problems riding in your vehicle, it’s probably time to change the cabin air filter.

Benefits/Overcome Objection
Clean filtered air for vehicle occupants.