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Become an Oil Change VIP! Buy four oil changes (Service 1, Basic) and get your 5th oil change free! Stop in to get your card today.
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Fuel Injection Service – Regular $159.99 **on for $129.99**

Removes any baked on deposits from combustion chamber.
Cleans entire fuel system; fuel lines, injector pump and fuel injectors.
Stabilizes fuel in tank.Think of your fuel injector like a shower head, for it to be most efficient it cannot be clogged. It needs to be able to spray evenly, an incorrect spray pattern will cause excessive fuel consumption.
Increase fuel economy, performance and emissions.
Eliminates rough idle and hesitations.

Brake Fluid Flush – $79.99 **on for 15% off**

Complete cleaning of the brake fluid system.
Add new fluid into the master cylinder.
Removes moisture and copper particles.
Bleed air from system.
Flush ABS unit.Brake fluid attracts moisture which can cause rust.
The deterioration of the brake system is gradual, you’re less likely to notice a problem until it’s too late.
Extends the life of the master cylinder and brake system components.
Prevents sluggish brake response.

Service 4 – ***$265.28 on for 15% off***

Tire Rotation, Replace engine oil and Filter. Inspect exterior lights.
Inspect tire pressure.
Check coolant, battery, brake and washer fluid levels.
Coolant Drain and Fill
Inspect and lubricate all latches, hinges and locks.
Inspect fuel lines, fuel hoses and connections.
Inspect vapor hose and fuel filler cap.
Replace air cleaner filter.
Inspect all drive belts.
Inspect suspension mounting bolts, steering gear box, linkage and boots/lower arm ball joint.
Inspect power steering pump and hoses and battery terminals.

Also does everything in our Service 1, Service 2,Service 3

Wheel Alignment – $89.99 ****on for $69.99****

Inspect wheel alignment and adjust if needed.Having all four wheels checked ensures directional harmony as your vehicle goes down the road.
Ensures dependable control, safety and extends tire life.
Improved fuel economy and handling.
Increased driving safety.
Reduces tire wear.

Battery Service – $49.99 **on for 15% off**

Clean battery terminals.
Check for loose cable connections, cracks in case and broken terminals.
Check for corrosion and acid on top of case.
Check electrolyte levels.
Apply leak detector.
Install anticorrosive pads.A few minutes of attention can double the life of your battery and keep you from having to jumpstart your vehicle.
Ensures proper operation of lights and other electrical options.
Ensures efficient charging of battery back to peak levels.

**Offers Expires August 31/2018**