JavaMoose’s full-bodied, silk textured Foghorn-blend cuts straight to discerning taste buds!

VIHO Partner Profile:


Why not jump in your Hyundai and drive-on-over to any of JavaMoose’s coffee shops, located throughout the Greater Saint John area.

JavaMoose roasts the World’s best coffee. “And the pride they take in creating their product is why we’re proud to have them as part of our VIHO family!” says Jerry Delaney, Saint John Hyundai’s dealer principal.

Their small-batch roasting technology ensures every cup is the most exquisite and flavorful coffee taste you’ll ever experience.

Founded by entrepreneurs and partners Glenn McLean and Randy Pederson in 1996, JavaMoose is one of our region’s most unique foodservice enterprises. This great VIHO partner’s business originally percolated as a local coffee roaster, eventually growing into a burgeoning locally-owned enterprise, and series of boutique coffee outlets.

Using the highest quality Arabica beans, JavaMoose has always sourced the VERY best raw green beans — and roasted them to perfection! That’s why this lightweight coffee contender with moose-size ambitions is now giving larger North American corporate coffee heavyweights serious competition as a tough to resist, high-quality coffee alternative from a distinctively local and regional experience — with such offerings like their Explorer-blend and their exquisite dark-roasted, Foghorn-blend. They also offer delicious assortments of creative specialty lattes, espressos and cappuccinos, plus many other superb food and beverage choices!